Accessories, accessories, accessories!

September 02, 2010

Dear customers and enthusiasts!    

Please take time to view the latest parts, accessories and collection items we have added to our inventory. Over 50 items now available from power upgrades, carbon fiber splitters and diffusers, Exhaust systems, luggage, clothing and even those incredible bespoke skis that Dr Bez commissioned !  If we don’t have it in stock then it can be here in two business days, AND sent directly to your home. 


Please use the contact us information and of course the direct line of 781 547 5959 and ext. 224 or 223


Next week we have a real thrill headed our way. The success of the V8 Vantage both as a 4.3LTR and the current version 4.7 LTR is just about to reach new heights with the arrival of the V12 Vantage. 510 BHP shoehorned into the engine bay of this already globally acclaimed sports car will be something to behold and yes I get my hands on one next week here in Boston!  (not withstanding a fight with Pat and Steve on who gets the ECU) 


When the V12 Vantage was first announced it was not planned to be available in the USA due to homologation issues; wel,l without the rhyme and reason behind that decision let’s just get to the point where the Aston Martin Engineering Director, Ian Minards and his Gaydon School of wizards made it all happen and God bless em!!  So, be sure to check in next week when I write up my driving experience with the V12 Vantage and if you are in the area and want to see the car, as ever, all are welcome! 


Safe motoring, John

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