Fall & Winter Service Clinics Announced ! !

October 18, 2010

Don't know about you but I was freezing this morning, well at 5:45am anyway; so much so that my windscreen had a full coat of frost on it.   I spent last weekend in Maine and the foliage was exquisite.  The twisty roads of the mountains and bright sunshine were wishing I had more time and a fuller fuel tank.  These are just a few signs that another great driving season is winding down.  We here at Aston Martin of New England want to make sure your Aston Martin is up to the challenge of the rest of the this great driving season, making it look great doesn’t hurt either. 

            On two Saturdays this November, 6th and 13th 2010 we are putting on a service clinic to help you get your motor car ready for the final days of this awesome season.

We have our normal clinic activities along with our Lotus Motorcars Service representative on one of the two Saturdays, (he hasn’t committed to which day, but stay tuned). 

            I will be posting more on the specifics in the coming days so keep checking back.


I won’t sign off without telling you the best part, our demonstrator Rapide has arrived so book your appointment with our sales team now.  


Kind Regards –



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