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Mercedes Benz 1955 Mercedes Benz 300SL

1955 Mercedes Benz 300SL


In post-war Germany, a struggling Daimler-Benz set their sights on putting the three-pointed star back on the world racing stage. The W194 300 Sport Leicht (Sport Light) birthed from this new direction proved hugely successful on the track, but hugely attractive to the affluent automotive enthusiasts in both Europe and the U.S. Requests to purchase a W194 for private use began to pour in.

In a booming post-war America, official Daimler distributor to the U.S. Max Hoffman recognized the sales potential of a production version of the 300SL. At his insistence, Daimler-Benz green-lit the development of a road-going 300SL.

Fitment of the world’s first production fuel injection system boosted power by up to 25% over the W194’s carbureted output. Refinements to the body and space-frame chassis improved aerodynamics and handling, venting in the front and rear fenders to reduce in-cabin heat, and considerations for passengers and luggage all compounded to make the 300SL an incredible Grand Touring car. Gullwing doors, fitted out of necessity, stirred the hearts and pocketbooks the world over.  The debut of the 300SL and its lookalike sibling, the 190SL, at the 1954 International Auto Show in New York proved Hoffman’s gamble a massive success. 

This 300SL on offer is a matching numbers 1955 model year and has been restored by world renowned Mercedes 300SL specialist Hjeltness Restoration of Escondido, CA. This is a turn-key 300SL that needs absolutely nothing to be enjoyed. Restored in Mercedes Fire Engine Red, over a Tan Leather interior.

Chassis Number 198.040.5500593

Engine Number: 5500631

Restoration of this Gullwing coupe took about 3 years and was completed in 1993, and has been driven very sparingly since.  The level of restoration work completed shows beautifully, as this Gullwing looks just as fresh today as it did back in 1993 when it was completed for the long term owner who commissioned the work.

This 300SL comes complete with its jack, tool roll, aluminum belly pans, and extensive documentation detailing the level of the restoration.

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