December 2014 Sports car Market 1954 Aston Martin DB2/4 Coupe

1954 Aston Martin DB2/4 Coupe

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Items that should have been chromed (the grille, for one) were powder-coated, smooth surfaces under the hood were finished textured black, blingy chrome bits were added all throughout the interior — along with some very shiny wood. The olive leather seemed a bit too "unusual" in shade and texture to me.

This car is an odd combination of cheating some things and overworking others. The tipping point for the Picasso "cubist" Aston was the "about to shatter at any second" steering wheel that was pictured online in all of its busted glory. I would have preferred a little less mahogany personal touch and a little more unbroken steering wheel, so I could feel a tad more confident driving this jaunty beast down to the pub — or at speed.

Can this car be saved?

The good news? The catalog claims the car has fine compression, many new mechanical parts — and I personally like the black wires.

The wheels are the touch that should be the first direction of how to now finish this car and get it back the elegant state in which it once lived. Or I suppose you could just replace the steering wheel and try and drive the stink out of it on every rally, road race and track that you'd like. Either way, please save this car from any more customizing. ♦