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Aston Martin 1963 Aston Martin DB4 Series V Vantage Coupe

1963 Aston Martin DB4 Series V Vantage Coupe


Overdrive, Chrome Wheels, Roof Aerial, Electric Window Lifts, “SS” engine


1963 Aston Martin DB4 Series V Vantage Coupe

VIN: DB4/1115/R

Engine: 370/1064/SS

Rear Axle: 3.77:1

California Sage Exterior with Fawn Connolly leather.

Original options: Overdrive, Chrome Wheels, Roof Aerial, Electric Window Lifts, “SS” engine.

Accessories Now Included: 15” Borrani Wire Wheels, HBE Front Suspension, Lap Belts, Blaupunkt Radio, Stainless Steel Exhaust, Talbot Wing Mirrors.

This Aston, one of only 95 Series V Vantage Coupes ever produced is also equipped with the very rare “SS” engine. This engine, with its’ three SU carbs, was not a common sight until the Series V was produced. The mating of Vantage Coupe + “SS” motor is truly a very rare combination indeed for a DB4, especially when considering how few were fitted with overdrive as well.

Originally delivered to RAF officer A.B. Purcell stationed in Bruggen, Germany, November 11, 1962, having just three more owners until 1989 when marque specialist Hexagon in Highgate, London, England, carried out an extensive restoration. The first USA owner of record commissioned this restoration and it included rebuilding of the engine & transmission, refreshing of the wiring harness, new Connolly leather and a bare metal respray (Fully documented with photos).

It is interesting to note that “1115R” was also featured in Car Classics, June 1977 and is pictured in “The Power Behind Aston Martin” 1978. A two-page history was also featured in the Aston Martin Owner’s Club magazine “Vantage Point” in the spring 2004 issue.

The second owner of record in the USA has upgraded the original 3.7 litre engine (still fitted) to 4.2 litres in 2001. Its’ horsepower rating has now been increased to 354 versus the original 266 bhp! This extensive engine rebuild includes DB4GT camshafts, Cosworth pistons, three Weber 42DCOE carbs & manifolds, upgraded ignition system and conversion to negative earth. This refreshing was done at a cost of almost $30,000 by Vantage Motors, Inc. of Stamford, CT.

The third American owner of “1115R” had commissioned a full bare metal respray in 2003 – 2004 and had fitted the rare 15” Borrani Wire Wheels and HBE front suspension kit. Extensive service has been carried out throughout his ownership.

The fourth American owner converted “1115R” to LHD and this was carried out by Aston Martin of New England, a supplemental cooling fan was added to the radiator for hot weather driving.

Today, this DB4 represents one of the finest examples of this car that is available anywhere. Fully serviced and dialed in for all major Touring events.

Included in the sale is the original owner’s handbook, original jack, extensive history file, original build sheet, original cold air-box & SU carbs.

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