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Ferrari 1989 Ferrari F40

1989 Ferrari F40


With Porsche’s entry of the 959 in the legendary Group B, Ferrari pulled out all the stops on the development of the 288 GTO. However, when the FIA pulled the plug on Group B in 1986, Enzo Ferrari found himself with heavily modified 288 GTOs and nowhere to race them. As Enzo wanted to make the last supercar with which he was involved a legacy, the 288 GTO became the foundation from which the F40 developed.

Powering the F40 was an enlarged version of the 2.8 liter engine found in the 288 GTO, with twin IHI turbochargers, cranking out approximately 470 bhp, although power figures differed between cars. Coupled with the incredibly light weight of 3,000 pounds, the F40 could scream its way to 60 in just over 4 seconds.

The now-iconic body work was designed by Pininfarina, under the direction of Nicola Materazzi, who designed the engine, gearbox, and other mechanical parts of the car, and had designed the bodywork of the 288 from which the F40 takes many of its design cues. Inside, the driver is greeted with just the very bare essentials; tachometer, speedometer, coolant temperature, and bars of pressure from the turbos. No radio, no carpets, no door handles. The carbon tub of body is left bare; all to keep the F40 as focused as possible.

As Enzo’s last supercar, the F40 epitomizes Ferrari’s dedication to the pursuit of performance.

1989 Ferrari F40 (Euro Model) chassis number ZFFGJ34B0000807969, finished in Rosso Corsa (naturally), over a black interior with red seats.  Equipped with proper roll up windows and air conditioning. Only 17,400 kilometers (10,250 miles) from new.  Fully serviced, and in need of nothing to be enjoyed.

Delivered new back in May of 1989 to the Paris Ferrari dealership Charles Pozzi from new, this F40 accrued most of its mileage here. In and around the year 2000 this F40 was purchased by a Ferrari collector in Tokyo Japan where it lived in until January of 2015.  Purchased out of the collection in Japan, the F40 was then sent to Germany where it was then certified, and received a fresh belt service.

Purchased by a dealer here in the United States, the F40 then underwent a comprehensive inspection and service.  During this service it received four brand new tires, all of the hoses were replaced, all fluids and filters changed, and the fuel pumps, suspension bushings, and fuel bladders were also replaced.

Cosmetically this F40 is equally as spectacular.  The exterior shows no signs of dings, dents, or scratches.  The Lexan rear window is free of major scratches and shows no signs of cracking or fading.  The front spoiler has not been damaged.

The interior of the car still looks like it left Maranello, with all of the interior Carbon Fiber trim free of any big scratches, scrapes or chips.  The mouse hair dash is in remarkably great condition.

Inside and out, this F40 is a stunning time-capsule that matches its pristine condition with an excellent service record, and most importantly, a knee-weakening exhaust note and timeless good looks.

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