Jaguar 1965 Jaguar D-Type Tribute


1965 Jaguar D-Type Tribute

An early Jaguar D-Type replica built by the legendary Rod Tempero of Motor Body Builder LTD, and Classic Car Restoration. Rod Tempero has built a strong reputation for himself with his world-class metal fabrication, chassis build-ups, and restorations. Rod started his career in 1979 working with his father creating the best replicas of some of the most sought-after and beautiful sports cars ever created, including the Jaguar D-Type, Jaguar C-Type, and Aston Martin DBR2. Rod started Motor Body Builder LTD to continue the tradition and culture of superior craftsmanship of the Tempero family.

The Tempero Jaguar D-Type we have on offer is Chassis Number 026, which is an early D-Type ordered by through the dealership Fine Sports Cars back in 1990. This D-Type features a 210 horsepower 4.2 liter Jaguar straight 6 engine, fitted with 45mm Weber carburetors, as well as an aluminum body, a 4 speed transmission with overdrive, custom windshield, aerodynamic fin, front driving light inset into the body, and pressed steel peg drive wheels.

Chassis number 026

Engine number 7A31569-8

Chassis ID50661BW

Registration Number KO5938

Ordered in 1990 for Fine Sports Cars.

Aston Martin of New England/Lotus Motorsports, Inc.

We are world-renowned in our ability to procure the rarest and unrepeatable examples of sought after European classic for discerning collectors.

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