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1958 Mercedes Benz 220S Cabriolet

1958 Mercedes Benz 220S Cabriolet


220 S Cabriolet History

In April of 1959, one Mr. Charman received a wire from a friend in Paris, inquiring if he would still be interested in a Mercedes 220S Cabriolet. This friend so happened to know of the perfect example, owned by his to-be in-laws, one P. de Malleray. By June of the same year, this 220 S shipped out of France on its way to Mr. Charman in Cleveland, OH. Two communiques document this purchase, the letter of inquiry, and an invoice from Mr. de Malleray himself.

This 220 S remained with the Charman family until 2018. While in their care, this 220 S racked up thousands of happy miles between 1959 and the early 90s. By the mid 90s, the children of Mr. Charman took it upon themselves to bring this 220 S back to its original glory, and contacted Sport Leicht of Topsfield, MA, to undertake the restoration.

Between 1996 and 1999, Sport Leicht gave this 220 S a thorough and loving restoration, starting with a full repaint in the original color of DB 178G Metallic Medium Grey for the body, hubcaps, dash, and wheel wells, and the remaining parts in their original colors (DB 169 for the undercarriage, DB 158 for the interior of the hubs and bumpers, DB 268 for the inside of the rims, and DB 164 for the trunk). The convertible top and carpet were also redone, with the top receiving original specification wool headliner, horsehair padding, and original German Happich canvas, and the carpet in 13 piece shortcut wool. The original leather and wood were removed during the restoration, cleaned, and replaced. All chrome pieces were removed and rechromed.

Mechanically, Sport Leicht brought this 220 S into good working order, starting with replacing the frame rails, cross-members front and rear, and rear inner and outer body panels, and repairing as needed. Suspension received some attention, including the front shocks, rebuilding the king-pins, and replacing the torsion bars. The engine underwent a major service and received new motor mounts, rebuilt starter and generator, and the carburetors were tuned.

2001 through 2002 saw this 220 S in the hands of Magno Restorations, working hand-in-hand with Sport Leicht to finish up the restoration, correcting the driveshaft, clutch, steering system, and fresh air controls, rebuilding the brake booster, and replacing the front brake shoes and driver side window run.

Fifteen years later, in 2017, the Charman family brought this 220 S to the esteemed Paul Russel and Company to refresh the restoration done by Sport Leicht and Magno Restorations. Paul Russel and Company went through the car front to back, cleaning and repairing the wheel cylinders, replacing all tires, rebuilding and retuning the carburetors, rectifying an ignition issue, and performing a leakdown test and valve adjustment. Come 2018, Paul Russel and Company has repaired the shift linkage, and replaced the thermostat, at which time the Charman family greenlights preparations to put the 220 S up for sale.

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